HADEMAR Holding BV is specialized in sustainable innovation. This is the type of innovation that goes beyond classicial paradigms and requires new ways of working. Below, our services are introduced.



Supporting the transition to the sustainable production of safe, healthy and affordable food that is wonderful to eat.


Making plastics truly circular. From improving current systems and addressing their short comings to leading the design of entirely new approaches.

Hademar Holding can support these transitions by helping you to develop a clear purpose and strategy.


Making you aware what system change means for your business.

Hademar Holding can support you by mapping out the changes required, by setting priorities and helping you to really get started.

Future proof

Reviewing your innovation processes to turn your R&D into an efficient innovation engine fit for the future

Hademar Holding can review your current processes, identify opportunities to improve and help you map out the steps to future proof your R&D.

Team up with external

Helping you to access the right knowledge and talent, and join coalitions of the willing

Hademar Holding, with 35 years+ experience and a large network can help you get in touch with the right partners and build the coalitions you require.