Lectures and Appearances

When employed by Unilever, I was invited on a regular basis to present. Some of my previous lectures/appearances are listed below:

- Jan 2019: Week van de Circulair Economie: Transition towards a circular economy for packaging

- March 2019: Ferrari, Maranello, Italy: Driving system change

- April 2019, Forum for the Future of Food and Agriculture, member of discussion panel

- May 2019, Kickoff Field lab Circular Plastic Packaging: Moderator.

- June 2019, Limagrain conference: Drivers of system change

- Sept 2019, Mansholt Conference Brussels, member of discussion panel

- Nov 2019, Meattech symposium: Closing the Protein Gap.

- Dec 2019: MicroNano conference: Tiny Solutions that feed the world.

- Jan 2020: NVRD conference, Wageningen: Circular Packaging.

- Nov 2020: Chemport Europe EXPO: Circular Packaging.

- May 2021: NWA route: Sustainable Production of Safe and Healthy Food, chair calibraton workshop.

- July 2021: Dragon's Den, Eemshaven: on the recycling of wind turbines

- July 2021: Workshop at Binder 3D, Westerbork: establishing TopSpot 3D, a virtual network of 3D printing facilities in the North of the Netherlands


Board memberships :

I am currently involved with the following organisations:

SFI - Field Lab Circular Packaging : chair of the board

Rathenau Institute : member program board

"Het Groene Brein" : member supervisory Board

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave : member supervisory Board

NWO : member domain board Science (as of 1-09-2021)

NPPR : National Platform Plastics Recycling, member of the steering team (as of 1-05-2021)

Current Projects:

SFI- Field Lab Circular Packaging: chairman of the board, also providing management support (jan 2020- now)

North Netherland Provinces: program manager "Het Schone Noorden", an initiative under the flag of Chemport Europe to build the European ecosystem on circular plastics. (april 2020- now, first two phases completed)

Groningen University: supporting the development of a long term research programme on Soft Advanced Materials (jan-april 2021, completed).

NWO: chairman audit committee CBBC (jan-april 2021, completed).