When the cracks appear

If this is about our roof leaking, you first collect some buckets to manage the leakages. As soon as it is dry you repair your roof. It is as simple as that. If we translate this to the way the COVID pandemic is managed in the Netherlands, you start wondering when it will stop raining and if we have sufficient buckets..

In my view, we are witnessing system failure in many ways. And while I consider the people mitigating these failures to be true heroes, I am really concerned that it will take a long time before we stop 'the roof leaking' and that our 'roof' is beyond repair. I have written before that I try to draw lessons from this pandemic. Will this pandemic really trigger a transition our health care system? I hope that many agree we do, I think the dreadful numbers of people getting seriously ill or dying from COVID provide sufficient motivation. And if you are less sensitive, the economic data give the same message: "Never again". But all the time, one extremely important aspect is missing: "How does the new system look like?" Only when we have a clear view on this we can start planning how to get there. And -if you follow my advice- start moving into that direction by taking small irreversible steps. Do not even think we will be able to transition in one big sweep. Alas, at present, I do not see a clear view telling me where to transition to. As long as such a view is missing, people will return to their default pre-COVID positions and the final balance slate will show that we have lost tremendous amounts of lives, money and time.