System change is a no choice option


Innovation has always inspired me. Tackling the difficult challenges of science and solving wicked problems are true energizers for me. During my career I have discovered my true purpose in inspiring teams to become relentlessly effective engines of innovation. Combining the creative power of diverse talents, focusing them on a single purpose, and really getting things done...for me these are the features of true disruptive innovation.

Most of my career has been dedicated to furthering innovation in the production of food. During this career I have built multidisciplinary teams, and set up several (European) networks of professionals. More recently, I have managed a large group of professionals to develop the innovations and breakthrough technologies required to change our food production system into a truly sustainable system. This came with challenges that required us to set up new types of collaborations, ensuring faster and more impactful innovations. In implementing these innovations, system inertia always turned out to be a limiting factor. I have made it my purpose to develop strategies in coping with this inertia. In addition, as chair of boards and research institutions I have interacted with academia, contract research institutes, government and business to set up and improve the innovation and innovation support systems we need to tackle today's gigantic challenges.

Through HADEMAR Holding BV I can now support you and bring this experience to bear.